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amorbrazil - about us
The finest restaurant in the city of superlatives - Eficio Italiano - Amorbrazil engagement party.

The scope of services Amorbrazil describes the services to be provided that guarantee successful dating without financial risk.

Amorbrazil was founded in 1978 by a Brazilian in Sao Paulo and was only active as a one-man broker in Sao Paulo for a few years. He mediated men and women in Sao Paulo and organized engagement and wedding parties in 4-star hotels and later in the Italiono restaurant on the 43rd floor of the Edificio Italia in Sao Paulo.

In 2001, the German entrepreneur Gerd Kahmann took over the dating agency, which was very well known in Brazil at the time, and relocated the location to Salvador Bahia. He created the name "Amorbrazil" and led the PV to the leading placement agency in Brazil. Today Amorbrazil is the leading dating agency in relation to the serious placement of attractive and educated women from Brazil and other countries in South America to academics and singles with class.

amorbrazil - about us
The 5-star Terrassa Italia restaurant in Sao Paulo is a unique experience.

Scope of services Amorbrazil leading worldwide

Due to the devastating corona pandemic, Amorbrazil had to redesign the placement offer and managed to win Latina women in 14 countries in Europe for placement in a relatively short time. Due to the increasing domestic violence of Brazilians against their wives, many Brazilian women left their country and moved to relatives or friends in different countries in Europe. Many of these women registered with Amorbrazil and have been looking for a serious and educated man to marry at the man's place of residence ever since.

Awareness - trust - security - these are the keywords that service providers have to generate in all their marketing efforts to win the customer's favor. Because a service cannot be touched, cannot be produced in stock and cannot be tasted. Rather, the first thing the customer must do at the moment of contact is to establish their trust.
Amorbrazil scope of services | Contact mediation

Free: Register in the Amorbrazil women's gallery.
Free: Select 5 Latina women in the women's gallery.
Free: contact requests to 5 Brazilian women.


Select 1-5 Brasil women from Amorbrazil's women gallery.
Send confirmation of selection of women to the client by email.
Translation of the client's profile in the national language of the Brazilian women.
Only profile-relevant data will be sent to the Brasil women,
Creation of a contact letter for the selected Brazil women.
Inserting the client's photos in the contact letter to the Brasil women.
Send the client's contact letter to the selected Brazilian women.
Telephone contact with all selected Brazil women.
Exploring whether the Brazilian women want contact with the client.
Send the contact results of the Brasil women to the client.
3 months reservation of all interested Brasil women for the client.
The reserve Brazil women are not referred to any other client.
Upon request, the client will receive the contact details of the Brasil women.
Direct contact of the client with the Brasil women via email.


Make an appointment with the Latina women from your favorites list.
Presentation of the Latin American women in Salvador Bahia.
Appointments with Brazilian women in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
Interpreter service at the presentation of the Brasil women in Salvador Bahia.
Dating agency with a 5-year agency guarantee until success.
Daily support and interpreting service in Salvador Bahia.
German-speaking support with a supporting program in Salvador Bahia.
Each lady receives a German course on DVD for self-study.
Registration of the woman of your choice in a language school in Brazil.
Creation of an individual lesson plan for the dream woman.
Process the invitation of the woman of choice to the client's place of residence.
Organize a trip for the woman of your choice to the client's place of residence.
Procurement of wedding documents for the woman of your choice in Brazil.
Transfer of the dream woman to the airport in Salvador Bahia.
On request, further care after the couple has been placed.
Amorbrazil scope of services | Additional services in Salvador Bahia

City tour - old town Pelourinho - cultural sites with supporting program.
Day trips to historical places and places such as Praia do Forte.
Obtain wedding documents for the selected wife and have them translated.
Get legalization of the lady's wedding documents approved in court.
Each lady receives a German course on DVD or app. for self-study.
If you wish, you can register the chosen woman in a language school in Salvador.
TravelBrasil can book the flight of a selected lady from Salvador at a reasonable price.
Transfer of the selected lady to the airport in Salvdor Bahia with goodbye.
Amorbrasil scope of services | Connected worldwide with Amorbrasil World.

Scope of services Amorbrazil is virus-free and optimized.

Amorbrazil has put a lot of effort and technology into optimizing the start and subpages to currently over 90%. Amorbrazil will continue to work on keeping the site up to date. Everything in the service and for the safety of site visitors and future customers.

Dating in 14 countries in Europe. Unique only to Amorbrazil. As a result of the corona pandemic, Amorbrazil has expanded its mediation offer in Europe. You can click on a country and look at the women’s professions in that country and, if you like, make a free contact request.

Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Portugal -Italy - France - Netherlands - Poland - Finland - Denmark - Sweden - Spain - Croatia - Serbia .

Dating agency Amorbrazil gives every serious partner looking for a safe, successful guide on how to find his dream woman Brazil within a short time, without financial risk. Call Latineuro, we will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Call us, we will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

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Scope of services Amorbrazil