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Dating Agency Germany| Brasil Meet women in Europe.

Many Brazilian women have recently registered with the Dating Agency Germany in order to meet a good man in Germany. The reason for this rapid influx of women from Brazil is the increasing domestic violence in Brazil. Every day numerous women are abused and killed by their husbands. The women flee from their husbands and leave the country to find a non-violent man in Germany or other countries in Europe.

NEW - 91 Brasil Women in Germany - photo gallery.

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Dating Agency Germany | Brazilian women want to get married in Europe.

Due to the worldwide corona crisis, it is currently not possible for men seeking a partner to travel to Brazil. Amorbrazi has therefore decided to increase its mediation activities in Europe. Amorbrazil now offers a serious mediation of Brazilian women and local women in 10 European countries. Amorbrazil will benefit from his 42 years of successful mediation work. In the following countries you can meet attractive and educated Brazilian women:



(some countries are still under construction)

Click on a country and select 1-5 women you want to meet and make a free contact request to the ladies.

"Start of quote" Why be married to a wealth and luxury thinking woman in Europe and be annoyed to death at a young age when you can live together with an attractive and modest Brazilian woman happy and content, without stress, fit and healthy until old age? "End of quote"

Dating agency Germany | Amorbrazil mediates love and happiness.

If you have read the initial text carefully and have had your own bad experiences in a relationship, ask yourself, where else can you find a normally "striked" Ms with traditional values on this globe? A good question that deserves an honest answer.

If you read this carefully and accept the suggestions regarding getting to know a "normal" woman, Amorbrazil can help you to find a good woman with whom you can share your love and life.

Women from Salvador

Dating Agency Germany | Brasil women in Salvador looking for a partner.

Gerd Kahmann - the owner of Amorbrazil - lived in Germany for many years and met several women there, with some of whom he had entered into a closer relationship and made his experiences. In 2001 he had to work in Sao Paulo and acquired the Amorbrazil dating agency there, which was founded by a Brazilian woman in 1978.

In the following time Gerd Kahmann took over the management of Amorbrazil and moved from Sao Paulo to Salvador Bahia. Gerd Kahmann knows the mentality of the Brazilian women like no one else who works in the dating industry. he can give valuable tips to any serious dating person on how to live a happy and contented life with a Woman from Brazil can live at his place of residence.

Women from Salvador
Brazilian women full of joie de vivre

Dating Agency Germany | Meet a Brazilian woman in Salvador Bahia.

Follow the important Steps to your happinessFirst you register for free at Amorbrazil.


Next you will visit the Women Gallery by Amorbrazil with currently 1724 women looking for a partner and you choose 5 favourites to meet.

You send the selected Brasil Women with your recent photos in good clothes to Amorbrazil. Amorbrazil will send a free contact request to the ladies and send them your registration profile with your photos. Afterwards you can call the ladies and ask them if they are interested in meeting you personally in Salvador Bahia or at your place of residence.

Amorbrazil will send you the contact results by email within 2 days. Now you decide with which of the interested women you want to get in touch with personally. For the time being you can start a personal contact with 2 ladies by e-mail or Whatsapp until you get to know them personally. If a lady is not interested, you will receive further contact details of interested ladies.

happy couple

The next step is that you give the ladies and Amorbrazil a travel date when you will travel to Salvador for a week or longer to meet all interested women personally. When you tell the interested women and Amorbrazil a travel date, they will TravelBrasil Completely organize your trip.

You will be picked up at the airport in Salvador Bahia, accompanied to your booked hotel and checked in there. The next day, in the presence of Amorbrazil, you will meet the first lady in the rustic restaurant Chalezinho, right by the sea. If the chemistry between you and the lady is right, you can spend the rest of the day together.

Bahian woman on the beach
Bahian woman from Salvador looking for a partner

Dating Agency Germany | Invite Brazilian woman to Germany.

When you find the right Brazilian and have the common desire to plan a common future, invite the Brazilian woman to your place of residence and meet your future wife.

If you are working during the day and cannot take care of the lady all day, the lady should take a German course and learn German intensively. Amorbrazil in Salvador will explain to you in detail which form of language course you choose.


If you cannot travel to Salvador Bahia for professional or personal reasons, there is the possibility to invite a Brazilian woman to your home. You send a personal invitation to the lady in Brazil with your personal data and in the attachment a copy of your passport that you invite the lady to Germany and for the time of her stay for accommodation and meals, as well as a health insurance.

When the lady has received your invitation, Amorbrazil will speak with the lady and the lady's parents about the trip to you. If the Lady and the family give the green light, TravelBrasil will completely organize the Lady's trip to you and Amorbrazil will provide the Lady's wedding documents if requested.

lady in distress
Brasil woman loves a strong man

Dating Agency Germany | Meet Brazilian woman in Germany.

In German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland there are many Brazilian womenwho are looking for partners. You can also meet these women at Amorbrazil, but on the first date you should ask the woman(s) about the personal reasons for your stay in Europe.

According to her information, the Brazilian woman Valdenice presented here lives in Mülheim/Ruhr and wants to meet and marry a good man. If you are interested to get to know the lady, please send a free contact request in the Women Gallery Click on a picture of the lady to see her profile and view her profile on Aldenice

Valdenice 4184

Valdenice 4184

Valdenice 4184

If your contact request to Valdenice was successful, Amorbrazil can arrange a date with you and Valdenice, or you can contact Valdenice directly and arrange a meeting in Mülheim/Ruhr.


Dating Agency Germany | Dating according to ladies profile.

Amorbrazil is the only traditional Dating agency the world, which has developed a unique mediation concept. The magic word is "Partner search by female profile“. Many men have a unique taste in women and have great difficulty in finding their type of woman on their own or on the Internet with dubious providers.

Amorbrazil searches professionally and specifically for your type of woman according to the profile you create. Form carefully and completely and enclose 5 current photos in good clothing. You send everything to Amorbrazil. At the same time you will receive a letter of confirmation that Amorbrazil will now create a profile of you and place it in the largest dating site in South America with over 22 million women looking for a partner.


You will receive daily handmade partner suggestions from interested women from South America with a focus on Brazil who have seen your profile and photos. You decide which lady(s) you want to meet. You will receive the contact details of the ladies for personal contact. Unique only at Amorbrazil.

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